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MEMBERSHIP    How to Apply for Local 237 Membership

               There are just a few steps required for you to complete the membership application process.
               Please follow the steps listed below.
 MATTERS       STEP 1                                           Once received, your information will be

                                                                shared with our service vendors who will
               Complete the Membership Application and
                                                                create a Member ID card that will be mailed
               Dues Deduction Form.
               This form authorizes dues to be deducted         to your home address.
                                                                If you are an existing Local 237 member and
               from your payroll check and designates           want to add a spouse or dependent to your
 Over 25,000   Teamster Local 237 as your authorized            benefits plan, or designate/add beneficiaries,
               representative on matters relating to your
                                                                you will need to complete the Member
 members strong   employment to help promote and protect        Enrollment Form for Health and Welfare
               your economic welfare.
                                                                Fund Benefits. It’s extremely important that
                                                                you SIGN the form to ensure processing.
 and growing.  Please complete the online application form      When will my coverage begin?
               and make sure you click the SUBMIT button
               on the from when you are done.
                                                                Your coverage begins on the first day of the
 Join one of the most   STEP 2                                  month after you are employed and are listed
                                                                on the payroll in your bargaining unit.
 influential unions in    Complete the Member Enrollment Form for
               Health and Welfare Fund Benefits.
 the nation — apply for                                         When will my coverage end?

 membership today.  This form allows Local 237 to populate our   Your coverage ends on the date when you
               system with your personal information:
                                                                are no longer working in the job title covered
               member name, spouse, dependents, and             by the collective bargaining unit contract,
               beneficiary information. If you’re adding a      except for death and accidental death and
               spouse or domestic partner, please provide a     dismemberment benefits. These coverages
               copy of the marriage license or the domestic     end 31 days after you are no longer working.
               partner registration certificate. If you are
               adding a child, please provide a copy of the
               birth certificate with the member listed as
               parent or permanent guardianship papers.
               The Membership Enrollment Form is a
               physical document that you can download
               from this guide. The completed and signed
               form along with supporting documentation
               must be mailed to Local 237 at:

                       Teamster Local 237 Welfare Fund
                       216 West 14th Street, 3rd floor
                       New York, NY 10011-7201

                         Download Form

               Para hablar con un representante en espanol por favor llame al 866-492-6983

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