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Prescription Drug Benefit   Dental Benefit

 Save at the pharmacy and manage your medications.    Did you know that most dental disease and problems are
 Get the most from your Welfare Fund Pharmacy plan.  preventable with excellent home care and regular check-ups.

 Here is an overview of what you receive as   Read a detailed description of your   Dental benefits are available to you and your eligible dependents under the Dental Fee
 part of your of Local 237 pharmacy benefit:  prescription benefit, including the rules and   Schedule Plan.
 restrictions that apply.
 •   Aetna Pharmacy Card  How Does the Dental Fee Schedule Plan Work?
 Call: 855-352-1599 with any questions about
 •   A dedicated customer service line for   the Welfare Fund Pharmacy plan or any of   •   Over 5000 participating providers    NOTE: In order to access your dental
 Teamsters members: 855-352-1599  these programs.   added to the Metro panel  coverage, you and your dependents must
                                                                have your enrollment information on file with
 •   Low copays: $5 generic/$15 brand  Web:  •   Our Dental plan pays 100% up to    the Fund Office.
                   the annual max of $2,500 for
 •   Save with Mail Order/copays are $5/$15   covered services  Plan how you will use your dental benefits
 for a 90-day supply                                            over the course of the year. Your benefit will
               •   Orthodontics for children up to age 19       reset on the 1st of each year. Do not leave
 •   Pharmacy Advisor Program  has a $2,145 allowance           money on the table, use your Dental benefit!

 NOTE: In order to access your pharmacy   •   No claim forms
 coverage, you and your dependents must
 have your enrollment Information on file    •   Members receive a Healthplex dental
 with the Fund Office.  card through the mail. Card is to be used
                   at participating providers
               •   If you choose to use a non-participating
                   dentist you will need to submit a claim
                   form for reimbursement only up to the
                   approved fee schedule amount.

 Local 237 helps   Local 237 provides
 you fight the   excellent dental benefits

 high costs of   We encourage you to visit your
 prescription   dentist for regular check-ups
 drugs.        and cleanings!

               View your participating dentists
 $5 copay for generic   (Search under the “our dentists” tab)
 brands, additional
 savings on mail orders!  Para hablar con un representante en espanol
               por favor llame al 866-492-6983

 Rx FAQs

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