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POWER IN UNITY  Teamsters Local 237 is a union of 25,000 New York public

               employees who work in New York City government
               agencies and in municipalities, libraries and schools on

               Long Island. Local 237 is the largest local union in the
 Being a member of Local 237 means standing together.   Teamsters international union (International Brotherhood

 Standing for things that matter: job security, pensions    of Teamsters).
 and good benefits are just of the few things we fight for.

               Why Are Unions Important?
 41 million   1 in 4   50%   There is POWER in unity — when working people join Local 237, our collective efforts

               conditions in the workplace for our members. And that’s just a fraction of what we do!
 Working people in the   Non-union working   Of non-union working   make things better for everyone. We negotiate for higher wages and benefits and improve
 U.S. do not have paid   people do not have paid   people in the U.S. do not   Working people of every profession, background and skill level join unions for a variety
 sick days  vacation or even paid   receive overtime pay  of reasons:
 holidays      •   Work Schedules: The typical full-time        •   Fair & Equal Pay: Union members can
                   workweek for members represented by              rely on 237 to negotiate pay rates, and
                   Local 237 is 35 hours. Non-union workers,        pay increases without bias. That means
                   is 40- 60 hours/week without                     the same pay for the same job regardless
                   overtime pay.                                    of age, gender, ethnicity, religion,
                                                                    disability, gender identity and other
               •   Work/Life Balance: 1 in 4 non-union              protected characteristics.
                   workers do not have any paid vacation
                   days or even holidays                        •   Lower Benefit Premiums: On average,
                                                                    union member pay significantly less for
               •   Job Security: Non unionized workers              union sponsored benefits than employer
                   can be fired without cause, notice or an         sponsored benefit. There’s strength in
                   independent hearing.                             numbers! As a member of Local 237, you
               •   Union Advocate & Legal Counsel: In               are part of the largest and most powerful
                                                                    union in the country with the strength of
                   cases of serious workplace abuses and            1.4 million actives and 400,000 retirees
                   wrongful termination, union members              and their families.
                   have FREE access to union advocates
                   and legal representation.

               Teamsters Local 237 is about more than fighting grievances, winning raises and securing
               pensions. The union bargains with the City to provide funds for a number of benefits included
               in this guide: from legal services, dental, vision benefits, drug coverage and counseling-saving
               members hundreds and thousands of dollars every year.

                   Did you know?

                   The union advantage is even greater for people of color, women,
                   immigrants, and others who have confronted workplace discrimination.

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